The Rising Tide

During the past few weeks, there have been several reveals of corruption in many forms. The subject of this posting will attempt to formulate a system/diagram the higher order of the hidden organization, members, and past domestic terror events.

In a sense, this further advances the primary objective and function of observation.

It is a fact, that as a group pursues radical objectives it grows in membership until a point of disarray occurs. That is to say that the group and their activities can no longer be controlled.

The terror actives identified in previous postings appear to be linked and controlled by national and international members loosely working together. Their identities and activities have been in the open without public recognition.

This posting will take time to evolve and is currently in the mass media market. There are no secrets here.

IntelRag will begin acknowledging and responding to comments in May 2024.

Potential events and issues are identified and indexed in several postings under the War and Terrorism Category. Consult them for a background in this upcoming effort.

There is an indication that these events and issues are initiated to create instability and profit via terrorist activities. From where does the initiative and support originate? Questions to be researched.

There have been insinuations that extend the tree to major elected political members inside the administration, to outside influencer’s, national and international.

What are the issues?

The possibility that terrorist attacks in the U.S. were a joint operation of foreign adversaries and members of the U.S., and possibly members of the U.S. administration. (9/11)?

Are current political/media attacks designed to preempt exposure of who participated in U.S. terrorist attacks?

Who facilitated the sale of U.S. land to the CCP?

Is it a coincidence land sales are located near sensitive military installations?

To be continued.

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