Future Forecast: 2022-2028

Background: The 2022-2028 forecast, as with all writings in the online log, postings are the result of observations of information provided to the public via the news media, government, and public organizations. Observations are not intended to provide opinions. Further information on the research process can be found by selecting the “research category” in the online log.

References provide a view of changing dynamics over decades and centuries. Current decision-makers rely on available information and must apply their knowledge (experience) and wisdom to possible cause and effect of their actions. Decisions made at one point in time may cause unintended consequences decades later.

Not included in the following is the law and order, and outstanding security issues occurring at this time. A new posting on the subjects will be forthcoming.

Consult the IntelRag Online Log posting Future Forecast Background for 2022-2028, and the IntelRag Blog posting War and Terrorism for detailed information regarding items selected for listing below. References contain significant additional information not listed here. Links open a new page.

See Notes at the end of the posting for additional insight.

Currently there are no efforts underway to correct the following issues. They are expected to continue in the future.

  • Prosecutors are failing to protect the community by operating the legal system as a turnstile at a train station . . . in and out to commit more criminal acts at will.
  • Throwing the election system out the window saying it is prejudice when it requires personal identification.
  • Opening the border to allow free movement of drugs which are destroying communities and leading to higher levels of crime.
  • Turning the United States into a market satellite of Communist China.
  • Economic science failure. The assumption that least cost results in the best decision is an error in logic. Does not take into consideration the cost of lost jobs, factories, degraded infrastructure and more, as a result of unbalanced trade.
  • The accumulated trade deficit from imports for the period of 1992-2021 exceeds $17 trillion dollars.
  • Funding for war and terrorism activities pursued by the Peoples Republic of China (PRC), Russia, and Islamic States are primarily acquired by trade deficits, illegal activities in drugs, human trafficking and slave labor. Theft of trade secrets of the U.S. via digital communications and within domestic industry and academic organizations.
  • Budget outlays exceed tax and fee revenues by $2 trillion a year and are increasing at an increasing rate.
  • The Department of Defense indicates the U.S. Military may be degraded and undermanned and cannot effectively support a worldwide posture.
  • The education system does not provide well educated graduates. The U.S. is rated in (30th) place worldwide in math, science, and the social sciences. China ranks in first (1st) place.
  • Socialist approach to Critical Race Theory (CRT) in schools is counter to equality.
  • Parents concerns that the U.S. government controls parents and students is a reversion to a totalitarian state where children belong to the state.
  • U.S. education, research, and technology organizations depend on graduates from self-declared enemy countries above. Reason for this appears to be the structure of education systems outside the U.S. with a focus on math and science.
  • On average U.S. schools and colleges are not as intensive, and overall educators are not as qualified. Educators in many competitive countries continually upgrade competencies by advancing to higher levels of instruction throughout their careers.
  • U.S. corporations depend on graduates from foreign adversaries for senior management positions.
  • Employment in manufacturing, nondurable and durable goods has diminished significantly since 1979.
  • U.S. Merchant Fleet has dropped from 16.9% of the World Fleet to .4% since 1965.


(1). Decades of auditing aerospace organizations and systems, and university programs and facilities, the attitude of superiority and denial are frequently impingements to achieving excellent results or correcting issues.

(2). Frequently external reviews of teacher performance, programs and procedures identify issues for correction. Satisfactory correction is frequently impeded by faculty and unions.

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