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As the 2024 election season approaches, national and international issues regarding political, legal, health, warfare, international trade, business and manufacturing issues are increasing in frequency and intensity.

The Unitied States and the Global Community of Nations are experiencing significant, and possibly the most intense and dangerous time in history regarding individual, national and internatonal rights. Currently, there is mounting pressure by tyrants to beat the drums of global war. Territorial conflicts are setting expectations of success in the minds of the inexperienced. The statement "be careful what you ask for" it will never be what was expected, and may never have been more accurate.

IntelRag is provided in support of education. However, worldwide activites of terror and warefare drastically impact the education environment and effectiveness at all levels, international and national. It appears some combination of the following philosophies are at work to recreate the dark ages.

The media has provided comments which indicates intenrnational and national politicians are culpable in fostering terrorism and warefare environments, some for profit, some for power, and some for both.

International Philosophy: Tactics of current terrorist activites form a combined method of operations; Communism, Socialism, Nazism and Islamism beliefs. Some are religious based and others are simply tyrinay for political, finacial and territory acquisition.

National Philosophy: Influencing and undermining Western belief systems; free expression of religion, commerce and speech. The family unit is under attack by members in leadership of the U.S. government, past and present.

As with the international interests, national intersts have been diluted by profiteers seeking power and dominace. This appears to include manipulation of the election system.

Reading References:

The Strategy and Tactics of Terrorism.

"Terrorists exist for political reasons. Groups that practice terrorism do so in order to bring about political change of some type. Usually, these groups are small and often lack broad public support. Therefore, they are unable to achieve their desired goals through a peaceful political process. Instead, they use acts of violence, inflicted upon deliberately chosen noncombatant targets, in order to bully and intimidate governments into changing policy or granting concessions."

"Despite the prominence of terrorism as a global security threat, the majority of terrorist groups do not survive long. Seventy per cent of terrorist groups perish within a year after their first attack. There are a number of possible explanations that may clarify why some groups survive and thrive and others do not. However, one of the determining factors is the degree to which the group’s leadership has effectively planned their campaign, exploited the group’s resources and selected appropriate methods and tools to achieve their objectives, i.e. their strategy and tactics."

How Has the Terrorism Threat Changed Twenty Years After 9/11?

University of Foreign Military and Cultural Studies. Red Team Handbook.

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