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Current Challenges: Headwinds that impact decision-making at all levels of government, including citizens.

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World events and issues significantly impact study in all education environments. Administrators and educators have a responsibility to ensure a balanced and open system that graduates competent and talented students.

IntelRag Log contains information on events and issues regarding postings which highlight current challenges. Many posts identify observations of concern.

The value of nonparticipative observation is in the ability to identify and map historical events and demonstrate the interrelationships between them.

The value of developing opinions of events derived from nonparticipative observation mapping, is the ability to establish cause-and-effect relationships of events.

Two specific posts which expose the events and issues of today are:

(1). Future Forecast Background 2022-2028, and

(2). The Mask of Sanity.

Observing events and issues as addressed may establish a continuum of radical philosophies followed by previous and current members of the U.S. Government. Use Microsoft Bing to search for followers of the philosophy of “Rules for Radicals” as established by Saul Alinsky.

Research Task – Enter: “Members of the U.S. government that follow the rules for radicals by Saul Olinsky?”

There may be differences in that each utilize the Alinsky principles for personal power and monetary gain. The question is, does the definition of Psychopathy apply in each case? Additionally, does the “Mask of Sanity” as established by Hervey Cleckley apply?

Attacking and undermining the constitution and seeking power by inserting operatives as agents within and outside the government appears to be a constant theme. This in turn establishes the ability control the justice and monetary systems.

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(1) Events are occurrences at a given point in time.

(2) Issues are a continuing series of beliefs which may from time to time be expressed during an event.

As events and issues arise, this page will be updated.

International Events and Issues Research:

(1). $17 Trillion Trade Deficit:

The deficit is growing larger by the day. It is apparent that this is not understood by most of members of congress and citizens. This is the result of buying from foreign countries while losing production and service jobs in the U.S. The ultimate effect is loss of tax dollars to support the country as a result of lost tax revenue from domestic employment and sales revenue up the stream of production.

Currently, the government is borrowing to replace this lost tax revenue and jobs. Additionally, it results in substandard living conditions for unemployed citizens as a result of job losses.

The total result is a $33 Trillion-dollar national debt. Interest on this debt exceeds the total cost of education K-12 in the entire U.S.

(2). Unrestricted Immigration:

Local communities are establishing living residences to move immigrants off the street and into housing.  The total cost for this is unknown, however, may return New York to bankruptcy as in the previous century. Soon to follow may be Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

(3). War of Terrorism:

There is a lack of focus on terrorism issues affecting democratic governments. The SOTU category of postings are significant in that here again, the nation does seem to be sleeping while terror strikes in multi-modal events and issues. Congress, commercial business, and the financial sector have abandoned domestic enterprise for insider speculation in foreign countries for personal profits.

The outcome picture is a reminder of the attack on Peral Harbor, except congress, commercial business, and the financial sector, by their actions, are essentially agents of the aggressor.

(4). Federal Budget Fraud:

Annually, the federal government budgets funds in support of national, state and community budgets. What is not understood by commercial businesses and citizens, is there is not a required accounting system as exists outside of the government. The federal government has an honor system of “reporting” not accounting.

In the past, reports have indicated that the unaccounted sum may be somewhere between 25-35 percent of budgeted funds. What is this source of funds spent on? is it used by a political party to further their objectives?

(5). Illicit Drug Deaths: Bing Search – “Annual illicit drug deaths?

According to the web search results, the annual illicit drug deaths in the U.S. have been increasing over the years, reaching over 100,000 in 2021. The main cause of these deaths is the involvement of opioids, especially synthetic opioids such as fentanyl. The data also show that men are more likely to die from drug overdoses than women, and that the age group of 25 to 34 years has the highest death rate. Here are some key facts and figures from the sources:

International Conclusion:

Events and Issues 1-5 above are very concerning. It appears no other conclusion can be reached; except they are organized criminal activity by intention or happenstance.

The very fact that they are condoned by the federal government leads to one conclusion. A War of Terror is being waged on U.S. citizens by foreign interests and may be aided by agents of the U.S. government pursuing individual profits.

By all reasonable logic and reason, it appears to be a slow evolving Pearl Harbor scenario. Retribution may come in some unknown form. Eventually those aiding foreign interests may see their world crumble around them.

National Events and Issues Research:

(1). No Bail: It is assumed that no bail for individuals apprehended for criminal activity ranging from organized looting of stores, killing of uninvolved individuals and every imaginable crime will stop if the perpetrator is let go and not incarcerated. Actually, it appears to opposite is occurring as criminal activity is increasing.

(2). Members of the administration are ignoring requests of congress to provide information or appear for hearings.

International and National Conclusion:

It appears that under the current administration, which includes the Department of Justice, criminal activity is not only condoned, but might be instigated for the purpose of creating an atmosphere of instability. Only the future will tell.

Combined, International and National Events and Issues may be in a state of terror imposed or supported by the current administration. If so, this may be for criminal profit objectives.

Congressional representatives going along to get along may be participants in criminal activity.