Charging Competing Candidates

This is a sticky one! Keep in mind that this post is an observation and not an opinion. What's the difference? Occasionally, media information can be too much to be believed.

In the case of charges against President Trump, there appears to be gleeful piling-on which may be a result of joining the crowd. And the more complex an issue becomes, the more likelihood it will result in an unsatisfactory outcome.

Currently, there are 91 separate charges in some state of process. Those issues alone may create an unmanageable scenario. However, in the previous impeachment of President Trump there were no crimes committed.

When selecting an issue to be observed, it is important to identify possible causes and effects that create the issue.

Initial questions for a forward observation:

  • Who will benefit by the candidate's conviction of the supposed charges?
  • Is there foreign influence behind the courts to pursue the charges?
  • Are there international financial or political considerations at play?
  • Is this an attempt to preclude a successful election outcome?
  • Will a successful election outcome be undesirable to a foreign influencer?

These questions may appear inappropriate. However, remember this is now the subject of forward observation, and the questions may take on a different focus as the observation progresses.

Why is this posting listed in the APEX of Treason category? The media has presented observations that indicate there have been pay-to-play issues between members of the administration and congress that may include foreign influences.

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