Future Forecast Background: 2022-2028

Forward: Future Forecast for the period of 2022-2028 will include outcomes of this review and update of parts of the 2017-2021 SOTU.

This includes observing actions of government, business, education, and international relationships over the past fifty (50) years. Additions to the review are Status of the U.S. Economy, International Cyber Security, and the Summary on War and Terrorism.

Section I: Arrogant ignorance is reflected by national, state and city governments. Moving forward, this period is heavily influenced by malfeasance by public officials. Daily, public media reports are published consisting of deceit, deception, duplicity, lying, fraud and more.

Observation and data identified and linked-to in this review indicate the coming period of history from 2022-2028 is on a fast-track to national hazards and international conflict on a major scale.

The record is clear. The following situation could only be wished for by the Mafia. It’s as if the old Chicago Mob of the last century is running the country.

Question: “Does Communist influence exist in the United States Government?”

Observations: Frequently, actions and statements by the administration and members of congress appear to be misleading. What is said, is not what is done. There seems to be a form of intellectual subversion extended in the media, attempting to evade a true understanding by the general public and voter.

The result of deviating from solid principles of the past, provide activists the ability to express deviant behavior. However, as the saying goes, “be careful what you ask for, you may get it” and it will not be what was expected.

The current administration and congress have failed to protect the country from invasion by a “Trojan Horse of Troy.” Wholesale infiltration by an army of aliens of military age.

Prosecutors are failing to protect the community by operating the legal system as a turnstile at a train station . . . in and out to commit more criminal acts at will, from minor to major. Ransacking stores, raiding railroad cars, carjacking, assault, bank robberies, and worse – with a get out of jail card upon arrest.

Throwing the election system out the window saying it is prejudice when it requires personal identification. Who doesn’t have identification? Where is the person without a job, or collecting welfare, either of which require personal identification?

Opening the border to allow free movement of drugs which are destroying communities and leading to higher levels of crime.

Washington is turning the United States into a satellite of Communist China.

Reference: Socialist politicians function as Communists inside the government, serving without suspicion, that their actions are equivalent to that of communist spies, believers, and sympathizers. They influence decisions and actions by business, government and education in favor of communist governments.

History of the preceding century is important in identifying significant patterns of activity which influence the decision-making process and establishing benchmarks for this forecast. The natural state of nature for nations, as recorded in history, is cyclical internal and external conflict, with the objective of survival and expansion. The frequency of cycles is influenced by advancements in science, movement, and communications technologies.


    1. This study in preparation for the 2022-2028 forecast is written to be informative for all readers. It is supported by references to media, research, and verifiable data references.
    1. Images and narratives in this posting reflect the underlying references. Links to the references will provide significant in-depth information with more accompanying images and tables, some interactive for exploration.
    1. It is customary for education, government, industry, and international perspectives to vary on interpretations of the data based on their interests.
    1. Readers should familiarize themselves with postings under the “research” category in conjunction with this forecast. It is important to remember that the content of the forecast is based on observations and data, not opinions.
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Section II: Economics is a failed science.

The quantity of every product or service that is made, shipped, sold, and serviced is forecast and controlled by economic predictions.

Economic science fails because the pursuit of least cost per unit of items produced does not consider the costs to society by their actions. The assumption that least cost results in the best decision is an error in logic. Economic decisions to purchase where costs are lowest does not take into consideration the cost of lost jobs, factories, degraded infrastructure and more, as a result of unbalanced trade. The accumulated trade deficit from imports for the period of 1992-2021 exceeds 17 trillion dollars.

Failure to consider taxes in the form of personal and business taxes paid by employees and businesses for domestic production may lower import prices of goods and services. However, the cost to renew infrastructure, pay unemployment and all other benefits, requires borrowing and increasing the national debt. Current interest payments on the national debt exceeds the total cost of K-12 education for the entire nation.

Data Lab: USA Government Finance Guide. Visualizations to help you understand government finance. The Resource Menu Includes an Analyst’s Guide and Student Innovator’s Toolbox for instructors and students.

Tables and links to references demonstrate a declining abiltiy to remain self sustainable. Deficits appear to be programmed to remain at 2 Trillion annually, and possibly increase at an increasing rate.