Mask of Sanity

I: Historical Perspective

The following video presentation demonstrates the progressive change in norms from reporting observations to analyzing observations, and finally promoting opinions on news items of interest to benefit a hidden objective. This becomes the Mask of Sanity.

Moving Forward II: Identifying the Process

Nonparticipatory observation researchers may find it difficult to remain neutral. Recall the objective is to note and report observations, not indicate the intent of actions observed. However, what is observed can be difficult to identify. There may be a transformation occurring where acceptable norms will be redefined, possibly in response to influences outside of the constitutional intent.

Cleckley's Mask of Sanity may be occurring where what is seen is provided for the observer and public but does not show the process occurring or coordinating relationships in the background. This practice is defined as Psychopathy, or a psychopath personality which is a mix of superficial charm, poor judgment, and failure to learn from experience.

The following Mask of Sanity issues continue while congress seems impudent in providing solutions. It appears what occurs in the background may benefit members of congress and other influencers, while the public sees a staged presentation prepared specifically for them. The educational system appears to be in lockstep with this process.

It is said that most of the public business conducted by congress occurs during luncheon sessions. Thanks to YouTube and CNN here is a purported example of such sessions.

The video is an opportunity for viewers to perform nonparticipative observation research of possible background issues. In a non-opinion manner, record your unbiased observations of the content.

Moving Forward III: Potential Issues

The background and process patterns observed may establish a future forecasting model based on the possible continuation of activities by (1) marketing performers and the effect of the (2) Mask of Sanity.

The metaphor of a tree is helpful in defining political processes internal and external to the United States, and outcomes posted in the War and Terrorism category. The significant number of issues listed in the posts will not be repeated here. Review them to understand the basis for the following discussion.

    • Roots of the tree represent the background issues of the Mask of Sanity. They are the unseen cause of the observable issues.

    • Trunk of the tree represents the media newscasters and marketing performers that for most, but not all media sources, convey the intended interpretation of the issues for the benefit their supporters and donors.

    • Branches and leaves are the issues outside the of mask which the general public observes. It is the task of the media members of the trunk to persuade or misdirect viewers to their intended interpretation.

Putting it in short terms, roots are the cause, the trunk is the spin, and branches and leaves are the effect.

Two of the top branch and leaves issues that fit into the metaphor of the tree are immigration and drugs. The following video represents the spin of the trunk.

Viewers can easily spot the branches and leaves. It is the function of the White House briefing to put the spin on the issues and misdirect responsibility elsewhere.

The question still arises, "where are the roots of the trees" causing the issues?

Summary: Seeking the Root Causes

Until recently, observers found it difficult to identify the cause of historical issues which are significant enough in scope to be of national and international concern. The reason for this appears to be the shielding of root causes by the previously identified "marketing performers" of most, but not all of the media and the White House.

Citizens of all countries do not have access to background sources (the roots) initiating the issues. A few current observable issues of a significant nature are:

The KGB vs. CIA: World-Class Spies? Provides a look behind issues over many years. Few of today's citizens are aware of the documented occurrences. What was an international concern has now become a national concern in the tactics used. 1,000-page document alleges politicization of FBI and DOJ.

The above issues are treated as routine occurrences in the media. Calls for responses to the issues are not immediate or significant. News reporting has become a 7/24 presentation by marketing performers.

Citizens will have to wait-out government healing itself. The ball of yarn is unwinding, and future revelations may be very serious.

Prior Notes:

[1]. Observation research can be initiated and continued when the researcher views unplanned occurrences of potential significance.

[2]. Control or regulate proper and acceptable behavior.