Far East and European Terrorism

World history passed through several stages of development before arriving at this point in time. Over several centuries, geographical areas with homogeneous populations, languages and cultures grew into independent nations.

Trade between nations became a way of acquiring farming and manufactured products between nations. As time passed, the edge (boundaries) between homogeneous nations languages and cultures dissolved allowing the cultures of independent nations to combine.

Throughout history, timelines are marked by historical events, conflicts in the form of warfare, and currently terrorism. The sphere of influence within and between nations is displayed by leadership of one nation attempting to control, by military or economic methods, their internal political and trade partners.

Differences between political systems and access to material resources is the primary cause of conflict between nations. Each political system has their own method of citizen participation in governance and ownership of property. The U.S. is a Democracy while the primary aggressors to the United States today are the leadership of countries with Communist, Socialist, and Islamic political systems.

Terrorism, specifically in the Far East and Europe are the focus of this posting. However, additional areas of the world are also mentioned.

Terrorism Links: Limited index of available information:

  • Our World in Data: Defines terrorism as the unlawful use of violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims. The reference is a significant worldwide compendium of information, charts and tables.
  • Foreign Policy Research Institute: Washington is looking to move-on from the Global War on Terrorism and put an end to the “9/11 era,” as the pendulum swings from a focus on non-state actors back to nation states. But, the enemy always gets a vote, and the psychological impact of terrorism will keep it as a front-burner issue for the foreseeable future, no matter which ideologies ebb and flow next year. Terrorism has become the form of war today.
  • statista: Terrorism in Europe with statistics and facts. Attacks by country.
  • Wikipedia: Terrorism in Europe nationalist and separatist movements. Terrorism by country and region.
  • The Diplomat: Terrorism in Asia before and since 9/11. Asian nations have been grappling with insurgencies and terrorism challenges. The Diplomat takes a look at 8 of them.
  • Significant territorial conflict has existed between cultures within the Philippine nation for decades. Essentially, it is a conflict where Islamic groups have continually transgressed on a Christian nation. This appears to be a model of current and growing conflicts worldwide.

Counter-Terrorism Links: Limited index of available information:

  • United Nations: Office of Counter-Terrorism  provides UN Member States with the necessary policy support and shares in-depth knowledge of the global strategy and wherever necessary to expedite delivery of technical assistance.
  • UN Office on Drugs and Crime: Provides relevant and valuable resources for lecturers teaching courses on counter-terrorism in universities and academic institutions across the world.
  • U.S. Department of State: Threats posed by organizations continue to evolve, the Department of State works to build global consensus to degrade and defeat these adversaries.
  • FBI: Top investigative authority for intelligence capabilities to neutralize domestic extremists and help dismantle terrorist networks worldwide.


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