Peeling the Onion: An Observation

Recent observations are filled with multiple charges and legal actions against the past president and his associates.

While at the same time, charges of seemingly criminal acts by the current president and associates appear to go on without hesitation.

The current administration appears to be charging that the past president is responsible for election interference, while at the same time, appearing to do the same with multiple questionable charges and trial date changes to interfere with the upcoming election.

The majority of major media appear to be providing cover for the current president and associates, while daily attacking the character of the past president.

However, it also appears that the onion expressed above may be peeling. What events and issues will be exposed in the future are unknown at this time. However, as the onion is peeled, it may reveal an increasing list of events and issues occurring in the past, and during the upcoming election cycle.

Peeling the onion may begin slowly and increase rapidly. If so, will actors involved and in fear of discovery, begin to desert and reveal the truth?

Question: Will there be revelations of support, or unintended support, for terrorism events and issues identified in the “Cause and Effect Analysis” posting?

Did Attorney General John Ashcroft’s statements in the SOTU 2023 list of international events indicate that possibility? If so, is that the main cause of the charges against the past president? To preclude the ever-increasing possibility of a change in leadership which may expose who or what is at the center of the onion?

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