Law, Order, and National Security

This post was suspended in response to the purportedly broad and high-level revelations of malfeasance committed before, during and after the nationwide election of 2020.

Reinstating this post was to occur when stability returned to the political scene. However, it must be acknowledged that the current period is unstable and clearly defines the hierarchy and the breadth of malfeasance.

Therefore, in keeping with the nonparticipative observation research methodology, research items address posts in the War and Terrorism category. Their effect on law, order, and national security are indicated. (Source: Future Forecast for 2022-2028).

Notes: There are at least two terms that are inferred from the following research.

(1). Sphere of influence is where a territorial area within which the political influence or the interests of one nation are held to be more or less paramount. The question raised here is are political actions by U.S. elected representatives receiving favors from enemies of the U.S. to support activities beneficial to the enemy nation?

Refer to the Summary: War and Terrorism post in the righthand navbar. 

(2). Slippery Slope is a course of action that seems to lead inevitably from one action or result to another with unintended consequences. The question raised here is did politicians increasingly accept bribes believing enriching themselves is no cause for alarm?

(3). Both (1) and (2) above can also be implicated in actions at the internal U.S. level.

The Question: Where does responsibility for acknowledging and correcting the following reside? Refer to Note (4) at end of the page.

The following issues will be individually referenced and amplified.

  • Prosecutors are failing to protect the community by operating the legal system as a turnstile at a train station . . . in and out to commit more criminal acts at will. NEW YORK POST
  • Throwing the election system out the window saying it is prejudice when it requires personal identification. VOTE.ORG
  • Opening the border to allow free movement of drugs which are destroying communities and leading to higher levels of crime. Senate RPC
  • Turning the United States into a market satellite of Communist China. Council on Foreign Relations
  • Economic science failure. The assumption that least cost results in the best decision is an error in logic. Does not take into consideration the cost of lost jobs, factories, degraded infrastructure and more, as a result of unbalanced trade. Investopedia -1  and 2
  • The accumulated trade deficit from imports for the period of 1992-2021 exceeds $17 trillion dollars. Status of the U.S. EconomyWITA
  • Funding for war and terrorism activities pursued by the Peoples Republic of China (PRC), Russia, and Islamic States are primarily acquired by trade deficits, illegal activities in drugs, human trafficking and slave labor. RAND Corporation
  • Theft of trade secrets of the U.S. via digital communications and within domestic industry and academic organizations. National Law Review
  • Budget outlays exceed tax and fee revenues by $2 trillion a year and are increasing at an increasing rate. Economists would use the argument contained in the reference as substation of their prediction that the debt is not that significant. However, yearly interest payments exceed, the total cost of education for all K-12. That may be long-term delirium setting in.   the balance
  • The Department of Defense indicates the U.S. Military may be degraded and undermanned and cannot effectively support a worldwide posture. NBC NewsTask & Purpose
  • The education system does not provide well educated graduates. The U.S. is rated in (30th) place worldwide in math, science, and the social sciences. China ranks in first (1st) place. Pew Research Center
  • Socialist approach to Critical Race Theory (CRT) in schools is counter to equality. Freedom’s Forge America
  • Parents concerns that the U.S. government controls parents and students is a reversion to a totalitarian state where children belong to the state. ThoughtCo
  • U.S. education, research, and technology organizations depend on graduates from India. Some from self-declared enemy countries above that attended school in India. Reason for this appears to be the structure of education systems outside the U.S. with a focus on math and science. Market Realist
  • On average U.S. schools and colleges are not as intensive, and overall educators are not as qualified. Educators in many competitive countries continually upgrade competencies by advancing to higher levels of instruction throughout their careers.
  • U.S. corporations depend on graduates from foreign adversaries for senior management positions. Market Realist
  • Employment in manufacturing, nondurable and durable goods has diminished significantly since 1979.
  • U.S. Merchant Fleet has dropped from 16.9% of the World Fleet to .4% since 1965.

Note (4). Typically, higher order issue(s) serve as an umbrella under which the above may reside, and be the cause of the above.

Attempts to shield revelation of higher order issues may drive a continuous series of distractions.