Global Failure: Apprehension, Criticism and Restraint

Without question, President Obama is faced with an international situation where the European Union has become lax in support of freedom and personal rights for their own citizens, in favor of interlopers.

Ever since WWI, Europe has relied on the United States stepping up as the guarantor of freedom by putting down tyrants. Every time this is necessary, the cost to the United States is in the form of blood and treasure.

There is no restitution of value for losses. This has become the BIG EXPECTATION of the United States. Restitution has become criticism from the nations protected, while they exercise restraint in taking action, even to protect their own interests, less they trample on the demands of interlopers.

Many have criticized President Obama for being indecisive and conservative to the point of appearing naive. The world is asking the question “When will the United States take action?” The question should be “Where the hell is everyone else?” Oh, yes, it’s the BIG EXPECTATION!

From the perspective of integrity and honor, most countries are failing internationally. At the same time, internally, the same countries are disintegrating morally, culturally and ethically.

The difference between China, North Korea, Germany, Russia, Iran, Syria, and Lebanon (as an example) in respect to moral, honorable and humane action, may not be so significant. Oh, there would be much noise about that statement, but little sustaining positive action.

President Obama should not just talk with foreign leaders, but demand they take an open position and support freedom and the rights of citizens outside their own borders.

Stop wimping and wining about it. Out of the shadows and into the sunlight. Not just words and sentiment, but action. There are no half measures, except in losing.