Misdirecting Education System Objectives

Thinking outside the sandbox . . . put down your pails and shovels.

Rational thinking has somehow taken leave of the entire education system, K-12 through Graduate School. The education system is provided through funding from taxpayers for the purpose of ensuring students acquire the requisite knowledge and experience to be succesful in their future careers. It is not the charge of the education system to indoctrinate students on perverted social issues.

Every facet of American life is under assult by educators who, themselves, can not quit playing with perverted information. It seems impossible to get a solid response on questions . . . what is a woman? The system is poluted with perverts . . . that is an observation!

International test outcomes rank U.S. students in the middle of the pack. Really, this indicates, on average U.S. teachers are ineffective. Yes, there are some good schools and graduates. However, on an international level the pack flunks. Too much focus on antisocial indoctrination. Maybe social mores have sunk the the gutter. Meanwhile, the barn door is open and it smells bad! Yes, that is an opinion!

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has come under increasing scrutiny the past few years because of its questionable trade practices and growing monopolies in technology, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and even professional sports. President Trump’s administration was particularly astute about the threat of CCP infiltration into all areas of American life, and it took decisive steps to address the issues with revised trade agreements and defense acts.

The propaganda in our education system has been largely ignored, however, and it is one of the most subversive avenues the Chinese use to conquer from within. (Eagle Forun)


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