Future Forecast: 2014

Usually there are observable activities that can be used as a basis for future forecasts. At this time, both nationally and internationally, activities indicate a continued state of flux between decisions to take future activity, something positive, to a state of retrenching. Notice there is no comment that any decision would be perceived as positive or negative. Moving forward or retrenching on current issues could both be positive or negative. The comment “much to do about nothing” seems to be the motto of Capitol Hill.

Nationally, interpretation of opposing sides regarding the State of the Union Address indicates the same issues of the economy, social security, national security, employment, immigration, healthcare, NSA spying both nationally and internationally, IRS actions, illegal drug trade, legalization of drugs, global warming, and political corruption remain undeterred. There is a stalemate between all branches of government over solutions. Government seems to have reached a point at which it does not control or understand the legal environment it has created. And, activity at the Supreme Court may not be providing outcomes that are conducive to a stable society . . . is it law for the sake of the profession . . . without consideration of the majority? If so, what will occur . . . a state of the minority opinion . . . turning societal mores and beliefs upside down? In today’s terms, it appears to be a game of Survivor where the weak eliminate the strong.

Internationally, taking it as the world turns: Korea is still a major powder keg; China is increasingly challenging its Pacific neighbors over territorial rights; Philippines conflict with southern territories has temporarily subsided with acquiescence of economic control to the rebels; South-east Asia is in turmoil over immigration into Australia; the entire area from India thru Africa is in a state of clandestine or open warfare; Europe from Italy thru the United Kingdom is experiencing major internal strife resulting from immigration, dictatorial governments and political corruption; Scandinavia is beginning to reject support for immigration; South America is in flux over the drug trade and dictatorial regimes; Mexico is a failed state, period; the United States is anything but united for all the reasons in the preceding paragraph.

What are the main drivers in the current national and international situation? And, is there evidence of resolution?

Main Drivers: Economics . . . the control of land and resources; people with skills to build economies; pursuit of personal and political power. Although statements regarding rights and freedom for individuals may be presented, they are a means of control in pursuit of economic ends and power. The robber barons of the day are more likely to be cooperating and coordinating political entities, elected or not.

Evidence of Resolution: Destabilization . . . resolution of one area in conflict in Korea, Philippines, China, South-East Asia, India thru Africa, Europe, Netherlands, South America, Mexico and the United States requires the majority to relinquish to the minority opinion and interest (as in ownership). The more liberal (socialist) appear to be striving for conservatism . . . and the conservative appear to be striving for socialism. Maybe the Polar Regions will also shift . . . and indeed the world will be standing on its head!

It is clear that the United States alone cannot prevent the clashing of forces. The question is can the United States protect its own turf in the future without the use of massive destructive force? The Future Forecast of 2014 and forward may be cloudy with showers to follow.

One issue is clear, the current situation is not one based on religious beliefs. However, it is one wherein the current robber barons may exploit for control. Are the robber barons wearing the cloak of socialism and religion falsely?

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